Reflections on a Maundy Thursday


Maundy Thursday.
Maundy…from the Latin word meaning “command”.

This do, in remembrance of me.
He supped with the disciples, one last time.

Love and serve one another.
He washed their feet, when they were not even fit to wash His.

Wash their feet

And He commands the same of us.

It’s not as easy as it sounds…
today, in this world.

Hate, hate speech, bullies, blustering, threats, fear, walls, fighting,
These are the norm.

I desire something different.
Don’t you?

I desire more courage, strength…
To make a difference.

But I want it to be easy. Pretty. Cool. Fun.
I want others to cheer me on, and love me for what I do,
for what I’m “good at”…see me roar!

But this call…it’s different.
It’s not easy, pretty, cool or fun.

Loving others.
Serving others.

Tearing down walls,
supping with others.

Making myself low,
washing the grimy, filthy, hurting feet of others.


It’s hard when you’re already hurting,
to lower yourself further.

Hard to love my enemies,
when they laugh at me. Mock me. Hate me.

Hard to stand firm on the Rock of my salvation,
when His name is being mocked, defamed, defiled by all around me.

How do I stand firm, make a difference, have courage, serve…
when the world tells me I’m wrong, a loser, and the point is ‘to win”?

But I don’t win in this world.
Not by politics.
Not by fame.
Not by wealth.
Not by popularity.

A Christ-FOLLOWER… I choose to follow, not lead.
Submit, not win.


The world moves away from this “Jesus movement”…
and yet, my Jesus moves me closer…to Him.

It’s the hard path.
The inconvenient path.
The weird path.

A path that leads away,
far away from the popular crowd.

Strange to the world,
So strange to unbelievers.

So strange, that it’s threatening.
The world tags it as intolerance.

But I know it is love.
Radical, crazy, saving love.

Love that loves so deeply
that it doesn’t want to lose – not even one.

It’s not worldly winning.
It’s losing it all to gain eternity.


My Jesus was hated.
He was mocked.
Crowned with thorns.
Robed in scorn.

They beat his sinless body…
stripes for MY sins…
perfect flesh ripped from perfect bone…
nails and spear piercing, drawing the blood of purity.

Crucifixion on a cross.
A criminal’s death.
Excruciating pain unto Death.
For me.
In my stead.

And yet…he cried…
Father forgive them!
They know not…what they do.

And He commanded me…

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.

Their filthy, grimy, hurting feet.

Must I?
Lord, their feet are so filthy!
And, Lord, they HATE me!

Love them.

Serve them.
Wash their feet.

O, Lord, can’t you see how they scorn me?
Lord, don’t you know how they mock me?
Just today – they unfriended me! They hurt my feelings, Lord!
They don’t even want me to speak, Lord! It’s not fair!

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.

But Lord!
I’m so tired of the ridicule!
I’m so tired of being made low.

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.


Dark times ahead, Lord.
They’re taking away my freedoms!
They’re recruiting my kids!
They’re beheading Christians, Lord!

Love them. Serve them. Wash their feet.

Anxiety, Lord!
I can’t handle it – I need a balm to heal me!

Surely it’s medication I need…
Healing oils?
I know what I need!
More followers! More attention! More success!

Oh Lord – how will you heal me from this suffering?!
I watch them kill the unborn!
I watch them close down our houses of worship…I know those days are ahead…
And yet I watch them rise to power and wealth!

How can this be?
Why can this be?

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.


But, Lord….
I watch them take over my schools!
I watch them politically declare their victories!
I watch them declare themselves gods!
How do we….?

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.

But Lord….

Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.


Love them.
Serve them.
Wash their feet.

You did this for me, DIED for me…
When I was still a sinner…the vilest of all sinners…
Against You.

I wanted my way.
I wanted glory.
I deified self.
I could not surrender.

Until you loved me.
Served me.
Washed my feet.
And died for me, Lord.

Oh. I see.

Yes, Lord.

I see where I’ve been heading…
I see where I’ve gotten caught up in it all…
Demanding satisfaction. Demanding my rights.
Demanding respect.


Oh, sweet Jesus..
Thank you.

Thank you that you did not demand to be made an “earthly king” (that was not good enough).
Thank you that you did not demand satisfaction for “Who you are” (Son of God).
Thank you that you did not demand “your rights” (you took the punishment for my guilt).

You submitted to the Father…
Once and for all.
And for me.

Help me, Lord.

Help me to stop being my own stumbling block.

Help me to love them, serve them, wash their feet…

Help me get over me…on my way to You.



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