Month: May 2013

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The Future Queen & I: What Kate & I Have in Common (Part 3)

Today I heard that Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, was suffering a health setback with her "acute morning sickness."  As Prince William said, "I don't know why they call it morning sickness.  They should call it "all day and all night sickness."" Amen. For the short update on Kate in today's news, click here:!%20Pop%20of%20Culture/player/fiveminute/asset/gnrc_18242601 Lovely photo above, huh?  This is...

Food & Entertaining, Life & Style

Entertaining: Cheese Display

Over the years, an interest in hospitality has led me down some very "Martha Stewart-ish" paths.  I don't claim to have abilities anywhere near Dear Martha, but I enjoy experimenting with food, dabbling in catering from time to time, and collecting recipes from family, friends, and, of course, Pinterest. To my surprise, I found that I enjoy styling my creations just as much as cooking them. ...